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Pakistan blasphemy legislation petition August 26, 2009

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I often get asked whether Christian-Mulsim dialogue is a worthwhile activity. People want to know whether it actually achieves anything, do we tackle difficlut issues or just sit round having a nice time.

Well I hope the following link gives some indication of the fruits of our labours. It’s a petition to the Pakistani governement asking for the repeal of the Blasphemy laws in that country. These laws have been used by some Muslims to legitimise attacks on christians and this happened in a particularly viscious way recently.

This petition has been written by a Muslim and a Christian and has come about in part due to the discussions we’ve had at dialgue events where we’ve been able to highlight the plight of Christians in Pakistan in a way that doesn’t blame the Muslims here but enables them to see the injustice of what’s happening.

Do take a look, sign it if you can, and if you’re unsure about the value of dialogue I hope this inspires you to see its worth and get involved.

Pakistan blasphemy legislation petition

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The Youth of Today July 20, 2009

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Just got back from a  great weekend. We took 4 Christian and 4 Muslim lads off to The Quinta Centre in Shropshire and had the rather wonderful guys from Adventure Plus running acivities for us.

Just been looking at the feedback forms and to my astonishment several of the lads have requested more soap in the bathrooms! What are young people coming to, we never washed on weekends away when I were a lad.

Ethical Evangelism? June 29, 2009

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I saw this article on the Metro News website about a Muslim Evangelist converting (or ‘reverting’ as Muslims call it) a young lad on the streets of Birmingham. According to the article Ibrahim Mogra described the action as ‘unethical’. Was it? Do we ever get young children to say, pray or say things that they might not really believe or understand?

This news came at an interesting time. I was with Ibrahim last week for the launch of the Christian-Muslim forum’s ethical guidelines for Christian and Muslim Witness. We wrote them to help both Christians and Muslims think about the way they do evangelism, and we would describe the sort practice as described in the news article as unethical.

The guidelines mark a significant moment in Christian-Muslim relations in the UK. For the first time Christians and Muslims are discussing publicly not whether we should do evnagelism amongst people of different faiths, but how can we do it ethicaly. You can download the guidelines from the Youth Encounter section of the SU website. Take a look do they affirm what you do or raise some questions?

Love and Respect May 14, 2009

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I heard the Grand Mufti of Bosnia (He’s an important Muslim Leader) give a talk a few months ago and I’ve just found a quote from the talk that I wrote down.

‘Muslims love each other but don’t respect each other. Europeans don’t like each other but respect professionals’

Was he on to something, or is it just a nice neat quote?