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Redeem the Chains June 15, 2009

Posted by Andrew in Youth Work.
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At the recent Scripture Union conference the Bible readings were from Philipians. The Speaker, Colin Sinclair, highlighted the part in chapter one where Paul comments that being chained in prison was actually advancing the Gospel. Colin used the phrase that Paul didn’t moan about his chains or protest his innocence rather he redeemed his chains. He saw then as a way of advancing the Gospel with the Palace Guard.

It would have been so easy to have seen God’s plans being hindered by his chains. Paul could have urged people to pray for release, for more opportunities and resources to spread the Gospel. He could have said ‘If only we had more freedom / money /┬ápeople┬áthen we could do more’.

I’ve sat in so many meetings with Christian organisations where we have bemoaned the chains that limit our work. The chains of not enough money usually or not enough people or space or time. I’ve rarely, if ever, been in meetings where we’ve redeemed the chains and seen those things as actually advancing the Gospel. With the recession continuing I’m sure I’ll be in meetings like that again soon. Next time I’m going to try and see the chains differently.chains