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Addicted to shops July 12, 2009

Posted by John Stephenson in Consumerism, Media.
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Interesting article in the Times on Saturday. A review of two new studies on the psyschology of shopping. Nothing very startling really – but useful reminders.

all consumingNeal Lawson writing in ‘All consuming’ suggests that a consumer society can’t allow us to stop shopping and be content because then the whole system would die. This ‘turbo-consumerism fosters a ‘new selfishness’. (I’m not sure what was wrong with the old selfishness and wonder if the biblical word for it all is still sin!)

Interestingly he suggests that young people are sidestepping consumerism by using social networking sites – relying on their own (or perhaps their created) personalities and wit.

I need to read the book but it seems to me that the social networking sites are fuelled by this same narcisstic consumerism and financed by those who want the world to remain consumerist. What would it really mean to challenge our addiction and to help young people to do the same?