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Keeping in Contact September 14, 2009

Posted by Andrew in Families.
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As I was perusing the Sunday papers I noticed a gadget for sale which is a child’s digital watch with a GPS locator in, so that parents can keep tabs on where their offspring are. But more than that, if the strap is undone by anyone other than the parent it sends a text to the parent letting them know that this has happened.

Now as someone old enough to remember growing up in the days when we went off playing for an hour or two with our parents knowing roughly where we were, this all seems a bit odd. I know we parents can worry but where does this all end? When do we equip children to be out of contact?

I wonder if we are in danger of creating a very infantile culture. It seems to me that babies need to be in constant contact, and we want to know where babies are to make sure they’re safe. But isn’t part of maturing the ability to be out of contact and be able to negotiate life safely? But as we are constantly connected either by GPS watch, or mobile, or Facebook… when do we mature?



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