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Is it Just me? August 4, 2009

Posted by Andrew in Young people.
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There is, what I think is, a rather worrying report on the BBC website today about the increasing numbers of teenagers ‘sexting’. Sending intimate or sexually explicit images by ‘phone. The report highlights the dangers of this and in the middle of it there is this quote from Helen Penn from CEOP The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, which I’m sure is an excellent organisation. However, she says “We can completely understand why young people want to post these images to each other.” Perhaps it’s just me being prudish or old fashioned but given all the inherent dangers or problems associated with this … I can’t.



1. Sarah B - August 20, 2009

I know we are much of an age and I know technology has come a long way since we were teenagers, but I’m with you on this one; having just come back from a teens holiday where the issue of identity and self worth was yet again on the agenda, what does it say about our over sexualised society that young people who have such big doubts and insecurities feel they will only be accepted if they join in with this junk? Who are they proving themselves to? Where will this search for acknowledgement/external affirmation lead them? Does this relate to the casual use of sex in advertising (for anything from cars to chocolate to bathrooms to bog roll) and if so, how?

This is the generation who could be my children – how have our social values declined so much, so fast? Are we beyond reversing the process and if not, where do we start? Should we be joining together with people from other faiths who are also shocked by casual body imagery so prevalent in the UK to campaign for it to be curbed – as Christians who founded ‘Front Page Concern’ seem to be? How do we help young people to respect themselves and their bodies enough to keep holy what is holy without sounding preachy, prudish or repressive?
Sarah B

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