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God is back May 4, 2009

Posted by John Stephenson in Media, Youth Work.
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God is back

God is back

A couple of economists have written a book – ‘God is back: How the global rise of faith is changing the world’. The brief description says

‘Since the Enlightenment, intellectuals have assumed that modernization would kill religion, and that religious America is an oddity. This title argues that religion and modernity can thrive together, and that the American way of religion is becoming the norm.’
The book also promoted a really interesting article about this issue in the Times on Saturday – summarising much of the content. You can find that here.
One of my questions is really around how much of this takes account of two issues
a) Globalisation and
b) the world of young people.
Although they may not influence politics they do have the power to shape the future. As Bono sings on the latest U2 album ‘ Each generation gets the chance to change the world’. What will today’s young people do and how will today’s youth workers help them? Perhaps that is the biggest challenge of all


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